Continued work - stardate 05042024.0805

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Continued work - stardate 05042024.0805

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The board is doing well with a whole one user (me), though it's getting viewed. Starting BBSes from an empty status is always fun - especially when it is retro computing instead of half-naked women.

The download section is slowly getting populated. Much attention over the last week or so went into Amiga Games. C64/128 Games is in at a close second, with C64/128 Communications coming in third place. Most are from my personal stores, but there's some new ones out there I captured (like the revised version of "Impossible Mission!").

For those viewing and too shy to join, make sure you track my MELIUS build project - this will be an active blog as I progress through the build. There was also a 1581 build project I am hoping to post - that board is already completed, but ran into a snag in it's operation and I'm actively troubleshooting it before I post the results.
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